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The only thing a non-conformist hates more than a conformist is another non-conformist who doesn’t conform to the prevailing standards of non-conformity from facebook

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Left And Right Wings Belong To The Same Bird

That is the stated logic in a meme posted on facebook recently.  I think this is a brash oversimplification that completely misses the point.  The left, that is the liberal progressives, have, at best, a tenuous grasp on facts and reality.  Liberals, for example, would have me believe in anthropogenic global warming/climate change alarmist theory in spite of the actual data that exists which should at least be cause to question this assertion.  Yet, I am the one who is crazy for daring to look at the data and be skeptical.

Liberals extol the virtuous nature of Planned Parenthood, but could not tell you who Margaret Sanger is, much less what her values were.  I have yet to hear a liberal say “Yes, I have seen those videos, and they are horrible”.   A liberal will argue, to the point of yelling and near violence, the right of a woman to choose, but will ignore the settled science that at conception, a fetus has a unique DNA that heretofore has not been on this earth.  A conservative would say that at conception, a woman has already exercised her right to choose.  There are, of course, exceptions and that is where I divert from the purist view of abortion always being wrong.  I believe there are times when it is, if not right and necessary, at least the best choice for a given situation.   One paradoxical point about liberals is that a large percent of blacks are self identified as liberals.  The demographic data regarding the “services” that Planned Parenthood provides are a matter of public knowledge, and not hard to find.  There are quotes-a-plenty from people like Margaret Sanger and LBJ that uphold those hallowed tenets of modern liberalism.  These (that is blacks, not Sanger and LBJ) are the same people who will quote Martin Luther King, Jr in hushed and reverent tones, but do not see the vast disconnect between the values of King and the liberal left, nor the similarities his views have with modern conservatives.

The liberals have pulled off the ultimate checkmate on conservatives.   They have managed to convince those that they oppress that they are their friends, while at the same time convincing them that the ones who would stand with them are their enemies.

I don’t know the way out of this conundrum, but I think it starts with people arming themselves with knowledge.

I’m not posting this directly to facebook because I know there are a lot of fb friends out there who are liberals and I don’t wish to offend. I just needed to vent.   I’m sick of hearing about the bravery of bruce jenner, seeing the counless stupid memes about how someone didn’t like it, but did their job anyway,  and all the other useless liberal drivel that is conspicuously devoid of facts or rationale that seems to be permeating fb.   On that point, the lady who would not give out the precious gay marriage license, I’d like to know where these same liberals were when the government was putting a bakery or a photographer out of business.  There’s pretty much just one place that can give you a marriage license (as a fun side homework assignment, you liberals can look up the circumstances that initiated the practice of issuing marriage licenses in this country), but you can go anywhere to get a photographer or have your fucking cake baked.  Where were the liberals when this was happening?  Oh, that’s right.  They were the ones going bat shit about someone’s “right” to force someone to bake them a cake or be put out of business.  I don’t see how it’s a good thing to put someone out of business because they don’t hold your views.  You could have gotten any number of photographers to take pictures at your wedding.  Any baker could have baked you a cake.  But it had to be a christian photographer and baker.  Why wasn’t it a muslim baker or photographer?  They would have said no, too.   In fact if you went to certain other muslim countries and asked them to bake you a cake or take pictures of your gay wedding, you and your partner would have been the main course at said wedding.

So, liberals and conservatives are just two different sides of the same coin, the left and the right wing of the same bird?   I don’t think so.   I think the more accurate analogy is that we are in the same family and liberals are that crazy uncle who always ends up drunk and naked at family events.  You know…the one we’re embarrassed to be related to.