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Phishing Scams – They Suck (but you can still have fun)

They do suck, but you can still have some fun with them.  First of all, a few pointers on spotting Phishing scams.  No reputable company will flat out ask you for personal information in an email.  If something is up with your account, they will tell you to log into your account to check on […]

Thoughts from Brony-dom

When my wife first told me about ‘Bronies’, I was shocked and a little disgusted.  I asked Lisa “You mean there are actually grown men who are fans of My Little Pony?”  I remembered the cheesy My Little Pony cartoons that my little sister used to watch in the 80s/90s.  They, like most Saturday morning […]

Subliminal Messages

i am not senDng sublIminal mEssages That is all.  I just wanted to post something.

When a Bad Dream Goes Weird

Ok, so I had this dream last night, and it was one that made me wake up and say “WTF????” Most of this dream was one of your basic “I’m trying to get away from someone who wants to kill me” dreams.  My mind did not fill in the information regarding who this was or […]

Yourself to blame

Yourself To Blame by Mayme White Miller If things go bad for you And make you a bit ashamed Often you will find out that You have yourself to blame Swiftly we ran to mischief And then the bad luck came Why do we fault others? We have ourselves to blame Whatever happens to us, […]