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Anthropogenic Global Warming. A Fact?

Anthropogenic global warming/global cooling/climate change is in no way a provable scientific fact.  Before heads start exploding, let me explain.  Scientists estimate that this planet is between 4 and 6 billion years old.  The first thermometer was created in 1709.  We have actual meteorological data going back 150 years. “The idea that weather forecasting could […]

Phishing Scams – They Suck (but you can still have fun)

They do suck, but you can still have some fun with them.  First of all, a few pointers on spotting Phishing scams.  No reputable company will flat out ask you for personal information in an email.  If something is up with your account, they will tell you to log into your account to check on […]

Grabbers (movie review)

I just watched this on Netflix and it was pretty good.  It’s just about equal to Tremors in terms of campyness and special effects.  The gore is PG-13ish.  There is plenty of cussing, but this being an Irish film, it’s mostly ‘feck’ and ‘bollocks!’ with the occasional ‘shate!’ thrown in here and there.  The basic […]