The Typo Propensity Over Time Issue

There is a phenomenon that I would like to document.  That is the tendency for typos appearing after a paper, email, letter, etc. has been written and proofread several times before committing to the final document (i.e. letter/email sent, item published publicly or any other means that shows the document to the world or a group of people and cannot be retracted).

The prompting for the review of this phenomenon was a work email consisting of 528 words.  As with every correspondence or anything of more than a few words, I reviewed this several times for typos before sending it.  A few minutes after sending this email I re-read it and found two typos. Bah!

But it gets more interesting.  I went to lunch and came back to work to find that I didn’t have much to do this afternoon.  So, I verified that I had indeed sent this email (to which I was expecting responses), which prompted a re-reading of said email, and I found that there are now, in fact, 5 typos.

Gadzooks! How could this be?  I thoroughly proofread my email before I sent it only to find that typos appeared only minutes after hitting the send button and appeared to procreate more according to the time that had passed since my hitting of the send button.  I can only assume that there are forces at work here that have not yet been fully understood by man.  Perhaps there is a method of procreation that these little anomalies have and two or more beget more of those who beget more and so on.  This would render any such document unreadable over time depending on the rate of procreation (i.e. like bunnies-a few weeks, or elephants-a few years).  As I have just started documenting this phenomenon, I can only hope someday science will come up with an idea of how these annoyances happen and how to eliminate them.  On a side note, I was using a spelling and grammar checker on the email in question, so I don’t have much hope for this being solved any time soon.

~edit~  Only seconds after publishing this, I found a typo.

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