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I live in Wisconsin (near Milwaukee) with my wife and young son (1 year old) and daughter (3 years old).  I moved here from California 5 years ago..and couldn’t be happier that I am out of that state.  Whenever I tell someone here that I chose to move here from CA, I always receive the same inquiry;  “Why???”.   The short answer is that California is great to visit, but live there for a few years and you’ll understand.  Southern California is definitely not a place I’d like to raise kids.  When I moved here I didn’t understand at first why everyone didn’t love it when the snow came in the winter.  After a couple years of shoveling it and driving in it, I now understand why snow is not the winter wonderland substance that I took it for (lived in CA for the majority of my life).   Living in CA is kind of the same thing.  You have to live it to understand why it’s not all sunshine and rainbows like in movies and TV shows.

I work in technology for a living, at a large bank here in WI.  I’ve been into computers since I got my first computer, a Texas Instrements TI-99/4A when I was 13.

Interests;  I have a lot of those.  I know a little bit about a lot of things.  For hobbies, I bounce between model building, wood working, metal working, electronics, and photography.  I guess the common theme in there is that I like to make/build stuff.  Video games are another time sink that I use, mostly FPS games, but I like to play some RPG games too.

TV and Movies;   Current favorite TV shows would have to be The Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead.  Favorite movie is Poltergeist.   The genres that I like most (in no particular order) are action, horror, scifi, and adventure.


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